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2018 - Q4

  • AI PowerBrain PoC implementation –> Prototype up and running!
  • Test of AI innovation concepts invented
  • Test of software architectures and designs
  • Customer engagement

2019 - Q2

  • Transition information to all hires
  • Establishment of ‚the company handbook‘ including the agile manifest of software development.
  • Dev.Ops SetUp defined and in place
  • Start of continuous company presentation at various international AI,
    ICT, IoT and industry exhibitions

2019 - Q3

  • Hackathon scheduling and organization for each of next quarters to
    close the feedback-look to our own development team
  • AI User Group website & community set-up
  • Product Management process start
  • UX-Design process start
  • Milestone: 1st commercial PowerBrain deployed in test and operation
  • Talent development: Sign-Up team members for MIT Sloan and MIT
    CSAIL Artificial Intelligence program
  • Ecosystem Partner Development process start
  • Market and Ecosystem research initiative start
  • Sales Channel Partner approach and shortlisting
  • University and College partners research and shortlisting

2020 - Q1

  • General Availability: 1st Industrialized Product Release V1.0
  • Milestone: >50 commercial PowerBrains deployed in test and operation
  • Set-up of R+D Project Management Office
  • Set-Up of Customer Service Desk and Ticket System Team

2020 - Q3

  • Finish onboarding of 5 additional ecosystem partners
  • Finish onboarding of 20 additional major industry / corporate customers
  • Business and Operational Expansion by establishing 2 additional regional sales and professional services offices
  • Milestone: >2000 commercial PowerBrains deployed in test and operation

2019 - Q1

  • Finalization of the establishment of all legal business unit structures
  • IT Set-Up definition finished
  • Shortlisting of hires for year 1-3 including R&D
  • Customer engagement at major industry shows and exhibitions (e-World, Embedded World, HMI Hannover Messe International)

2019 - Q3

  • Starting to engage with professional ‘traditional’ Venture Capital companies and funds to raise Series A
  • Launching the ‘#CleanWorld Challenge’
  • Software development of 1st testing release ready for Hackathon user group testing
  • Exhibition of 1st release at exhibition in Germany scheduled for 25th September 2019 – development is on time.
  • Start filing Patent Applications
  • Selection of Accounting and Auditing partners
  • Set-up of financial management, accounting and control office (CFO),
    Commercial Business Planning process start incl. Financial Planning and Budgeting for next 3 years

2019 - Q4

  • Hackathon user group session
  • Finish onboarding of 3 additional ecosystem partners
  • Finish onboarding of 5 additional major industry / corporate customers

2020 - Q2

  • Hackathon user group session
  • General Availability: 2nd industrialized Product Release V2.0
  • Finish onboarding of 5 additional ecosystem partners
  • Finish onboarding of 30 additional major industry / corporate customers
  • Milestone: >1000 commercial PowerBrains deployed in test and operation 

2020 - Q4

  • Hackathon user group session
  • Finish onboarding of 5 additional ecosystem partners
  • Finish onboarding of 60 additional major industry / corporate customers
  • Milestone: >5000 commercial PowerBrains deployed in test and operation

Value Creation

Customer Benefits
– Increased AI implementation efficiency, simplifying the process and eliminating repetitive steps while ensuring interoperability and adaptability
– Reduced time to market due to quick and standards based rapid prototyping and productive implementation based on PB.S’s PowerBrains™
– Reduced cost/OPEX for the AI project implementation including planning, design, implementation and training of the AI. On-Premise embedded deployment of AI
PowerBrains™ allows lowest TCO which only on-premise embedded technology can provide
– Reduced dependency on scarce AI software development experts for AI projects
– Reduced cost for AI training and maintenance due to standardized tools such as the AI PowerBrain.Shop® and
AI PowerBrains™
– Improved AI quality as PowerBrains™ are developed on highest software quality standards and hardened in various customer projects
– Independence of AI Cloud Service providers due to various flexible deployment options including on-premise embedded
– Helping to avoid the disadvantages of latest regulation: CLOUD Act (USA 2018, Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act, H.R. 4943) Using on-premise embedded
AI PowerBrains™ helps protect process, business and trade secrets of the industry
– Helping to meet the disruptive process requirement of minimum latency for various industries through on-premise AI solution deployments avoiding all unnecessary processing and Cloud communication delays

Competitive Advantages
– 1st Mover in unchartered AI business territory
– Core AI Business Value delivered into all AI applications and use cases
– Serves ignored market beyond core machine learning and neural network ‘deep tech’
– Symbiotic relationship with all key AI ecosystem players
– Full AI development cycle support
– All AI deployment models enabled from wearables to cloud
– Only platform able to combine ‘the best of all AIs and all deployment worlds’
– Easy to use for various stakeholders in AI development process
– Highly efficient and effective to achieve shortest time to market
– Comprehensive including everything from AI design to continuous training
– Enables easy retrofitting even existing IT infrastructure with Artificial Intelligence
– Quality for professional industry users (B2B)
– Fully cloud-vendor independent we help addressing the latest changes in GeoPolitics: Blacklisting of Cloud providers . Starting in 2019 the industry demands non-vendor-lock-in AI
PowerBrains™ for easy on-premise embedded deployment.

Products and Services

AI PowerBrain.Shop®

The demand for AI implementation leads to a significant global lack of sufficiently trained and skilled AI software development experts who are needed by thousands of projects and organisations. At the same time, the currently very high complexity of AI and machine learning application development prohibits many people, including those from Computer Science related fields, from entering the AI industry.

This megatrend drives the need for our next Generation AI development environment AI-IDE™ or simply the AI PowerBrain.Shop® – simplifying the development of AI software drastically. Focused on standard AI use case scenarios and application templates it enables rapid AI design, implementation, limitation, training, test and validation, making PowerBrains a ‘Software Factory’ for AI PowerBrains™ – use case specific standardized and customer trained software structures.

The Quality of Service (QoS) offered by Powerbrain.Shop® including the performance of all PowerBrains® in the field and at data centers is going to be monitored in real time including an alerting function. Additionally, the QoS is going to be periodically reported to our customers. This way customers can configure and receive alert in case a business process comes to a standstill and its PowerBrain® stops ‘thinking‘ or a field device breaks down with a technical hardware defect and its PowerBrain® no longer provides a ‘ heartbeat‘.

AI PowerBrains™

AI PowerBrains™ are use case scenario specific, standardized and customer trained AI software and training models.
Covering most AI application scenarios, already implemented and tested, they provide industry quality AI implementations ready-to-use and train by the customer based on their respective specific data. Implemented based on best AI practices AI PowerBrains™ allow software developers to easily re-use and evaluate different AI PowerBrains™ while significantly
– driving down the AI software development time and cost since based on standardized AI implementations AKA AI PowerBrains™
– reducing the AI project risk in terms of technology risk since based on proven AI PowerBrains™
– reducing the AI project risk in terms of AI experts / resources, which are very hard to find today. Based on AI PowerBrains™ only minor configuration and training of the ready-to-use AI PowerBrains™ are needed.

Specifically for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications we offer our AI PowerBrains™ in the following optional on-premise deployment models:

– binary embedded
– SLIM embedded
– FAT embedded
– On-Prem Cloud
– Cloud


Professional Services

We offer our AI Software Development, Data Science and AI Project Management competence as Professional Services to our customers to help planning, developing, training and validating AI software solutions within the predefined AI project scope, time and budget.

This includes training existing AI PowerBrains™ as well as implementing completely new ones if needed or working with 3rd party AI platforms and technologies as required.

We are always looking for Software Sales Channel Partners and Software Distributors! Contact us:

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