Bounty Campaign Announcement [phase 1]

AIPBS AI PowerBrainShop® Bounty Campaign Announcement

5% of the AIPBS Tokens issued are going to be distributed to community members helping with the marketing campaign for AIPBS’ ICO – the Bounty Campaign. Its phase 1 is running from 1. Mai – 31. July 2019 as outlined below.

Depending on the market over the next months, PowerBrainShop®’s ICO crowdsale is expected to issue/mint between 22,222,000 AIPBS Token (Softcap $3M USD) and 1,481,481,000 AIPBS Token (Hardcap $200M USD) depending on demand and ETH value (assumption above: 1 ETH = $ 135 USD, 1000 AIPBS = 1 ETH).

The Bounty Campaign tokens earned are going to be distributed as soon as the ICO token sale has been finished successfully (after 29. September 2019) when the fulfillment of all conditions has been checked.

You receive tokens if you followed the following conditions:

1. You registered successfully in our KYC/AML process – so you can receive tokens

2. You follow our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, BitCoinTalk

3. You stayed in our telegram group until the end of the ICO

4. You have sent screenshots of your marketing activities via email (to: ico@PowerBrain.Shop) from your KYC/AML email address; we are going to track your activities in the public tracking table (link: )

4.1 when you shared posts of our aforementioned social media accounts or Telegram group or

4.2 when you created your own marketing post for AIPBS in social media or Telegram groups or

4.3 when you liked our posts on the aforementioned social media accounts

5. Pre-Conditions and Terms for Social Media promotion:

We appreciate your help in ICO promotion in public chats, channels, sites and profiles that are connected to ICO, Crypto Currencies, etc.

5.1 Only 3 accounts/profiles per person are allowed

5.2 The account(s) is older than 1. January 2019 and you send at least 3 personal messages per week

5.3 The posting site or chat or channel must have at least 400 followers

5.4 The site/account/profile must be public/open for viewing

5.5 You are a follower of the official AIPBS chat on Telegram ( )

5.6 You send us a screenshot of your promotion

5.7 You send a maximum of 3 messages per Telegram chat or channel from one of your account(s) per day

6. YouTube ICO review

We appreciate your help by creating an ICO review video clip of at least 5 minutes length and publishing it on YouTube having at least 1000 views.

7. Creative project campaign support

If you have creative offers for creating any content (stickers, animations, videos, presentations, booklets, articles, press releases, etc.) do not hesitate to contact: Peter.Hohlwegler@PowerBrain.Shop

Rewarding tokens for your Bounty Campaign support will be distributed amongst all participants according to your relative contribution in each respective segment. The general Bounty Campaign token distribution split:
14% Telegram
14% BitCoinTalk
14% Reddit
14% LinkedIn
14% Twitter
10% VK / В Контакте
10% Facebook
5% YouTube ICO reviews
5% Creative Projects

AIPBS Official Accounts include:

Website:            https://PowerBrain.Shop


YouTube Channel:


Telegram Group:  

Telegram News Channel:

Twitter:  /  @ShopPowerbrain



Please note that this phase 1 of our bounty campaign is running from 1. Mai – 31. July 2019. Afterwards we may continue in a similar and/or adjusted next phase, depending on success rate and demand. A general precondition for Bounty Campaign Token Distribution is finishing the ICO successfully.

For additional questions do not hesitate contacting us via Telegram ( ) or via E-Mail ( Peter.Hohlwegler@PowerBrain.Shop ), please.