Consulting Services

We offer Artificial Intelligence and Data Science industry technology project consulting. Here we apply our experience and industry know-how together with cutting edge machine learning and artificial intelligence to rapidly and repeatedly deliver you insights and advantages from your data.


Consulting engagements include:
➤ General AI strategy development
➤ AI strategy implementation and change management support
➤ AI business case identification and cost-benefit-analysis to solve mission-critical problems efficiently
➤ AI related technology scouting
➤ Data scientific extraction of unrealised value from organization’s existing data
➤ AI software programme and project management support
➤ Help design, develop and deploy machine learning algorithms,
➤ AI software and tools to solve complex data problems
➤ Help training our clients AI algorithms and services efficiently
➤ AI Validation and Verification Services, potential Bias identification and reduction


Do not hesitate contacting us to discuss your needs, possibilities and limitations of artificial intelligence implementations.

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