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PowerBrain.Shop offers unique Enterprise Artificial Intelligence revolutionizing industries.

As B2B ‘plug and play’ Artificial Intelligence software technology supplier we exists to simplify, scale and apply affordable AI, to help solve global problems and enhance peoples’ lives.

Our ambition is to be a world-leading supplier of industry-quality AI accelerating its implementation and deployment – easily and everywhere!

Nowadays …
➤ We are revolutionizing the IoT with our AI IoT PowerBrain™ technology – adding local AI to sensor networks.
➤ We are revolutionizing the drone market with our AI TrashDetect PowerBrain™ technology – adding trash detection to cleaning drones making our environment a better place.
➤ We are revolutionizing the public CCTV market with our AI Privacy PowerBrain™ technology – adding privacy protection to public CCTV security systems.
➤ We are revolutionizing customer service with AI Voiceassistant PowerBrain™ technology – delivering a telephone voice robot and online ChatBot to automate Customer Communication with Artificial Intelligence, dramatically reducing the OPEX and increasing the quality of customer service centers. 


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