PowerBrain.Shop offers unique Enterprise Artificial Intelligence called AI PowerBrains™ revolutionizing industries.

As B2B ‘plug and play’ Artificial Intelligence software technology supplier we exists to simplify, scale and apply affordable AI, to help solve global problems and enhance peoples’ lives.

In the world markets one can see lots of drivers AWAY from AI computing in centralized data centers and towards implementing AI solutions based on autonomous standardized Artificial Intelligence (AI) inside devices and equipment as a product in industry quality. These drivers include:

Disruptive Technology: Computing Power
Edge devices start to provide significant low-cost AI computing capabilities and data storage capacities

Disruptive Regulation: CLOUD Act (USA 2018, Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act, H.R. 4943)
Protection of process, business and trade secrets drives industry customers worldwide to non-Cloud solutions embedded on-premise

Cost / OPEX reduction: On-Premise
Industry needs lowest TCO which only on-premise embedded AI technology can provide

Disruptive Process Requirement: Minimum Latency
Industry customers need lowest latency. Only on-premise AI solutions can minimize processing delays

Disruptive GeoPolitics: Blacklisting of Cloud service providers
Starting in 2019 (‘Huawei case’) the industry is proactively asking for non-vendor-lock-in on-premise AI technologies

Disruptive Human Resources Demand
Expensive and scarce AI + Data Science talents

Our AI industry answer to these changing market needs and customer demand is PowerBrain.Shop’s AI PowerBrains™ which offer unique Enterprise Artificial Intelligence for injection into devices, machines and embedded systems. Their features include:

➤ Autonomous Artificial Intelligence (AI) for your edge devices in 100% local implementations
➤ AI operates completely decoupled and fully independent of Internet access or cloud services
➤ Avoiding cyber attack vectors via Internet
➤ Storing and managing all data and training data and AI models in system on site
➤ Supports all hardware platforms (e.g. IoT Gateways or Machine embedded systems, Drone AI embedded systems)
➤ No need to manually implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) – no need for Data Scientists or AI Researchers.
➤ Graphical, user-friendly integration tools available for quick integration and sensor onboarding – free of programming source code and complexity


AI PowerBrains™ support the following deployment models:

➤ binary embedded
➤ SLIM embedded
➤ FAT embedded
➤ On-Prem Cloud
➤ Cloud


Here sensor data of production systems and SPS (industrial control systems) via field bus communication such as ProfiNet and EtherNet/IP, as well as cloud vis OPC-UA, WebServices, MQTT etc. can be processed.

AI PowerBrains™ provide industry quality AI implementations ready-to-use and train by the customer based on their respective specific data. Implemented based on best AI practices AI PowerBrains™ allow software developers to easily re-use and evaluate different AI PowerBrains™ while significantly
➤ driving down the AI software development time and cost since based on standardized AI implementations AKA AI PowerBrains™
➤ reducing the AI project risk in terms of technology risk since based on proven AI PowerBrains™
➤ reducing the AI project risk in terms of AI experts / resources, which are very hard to find today. Based on AI PowerBrains™ only minor configuration and training of the ready-to-use AI PowerBrains™ are needed.


Do not hesitate to browse on our website to learn more about industry-specific AI PowerBrains™ offered.

De-Risking Artificial Intelligence Projects

Value Creation by AI PowerBrains™

Customer Benefits
➤Increased AI implementation efficiency, simplifying the process and eliminating repetitive steps while ensuring interoperability and adaptability

➤ Reduced time to market due to quick and standards based rapid prototyping and productive implementation based on PB.S’s AI PowerBrains™
➤ Reduced cost/OPEX for the AI project implementation including planning, design, AI source code programming and training of the AI.
➤ On-Premise embedded deployment of AI PowerBrains™ allows lowest TCO which only on-premise embedded technology can provide
➤ Reduced dependency on scarce AI software development experts for AI projects
➤ Reduced cost for AI training and maintenance due to standardized tools such as the AI PowerBrain.Shop® and AI PowerBrains™
➤ Improved AI quality as PowerBrains™ are developed on highest software quality standards and hardened in various customer projects
➤ Independence of AI Cloud Service providers due to various flexible deployment options including on-premise embedded
➤ Helping to avoid the disadvantages of latest regulation: CLOUD Act (USA 2018, Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act, H.R. 4943) Using on-premise embedded AI PowerBrains™ helps protect process, business and trade secrets of the industry
➤Helping to meet the disruptive process requirement of minimum latency for various industries through on-premise AI solution deployments avoiding all unnecessary processing and Cloud communication delays

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