How do AI PowerBrains™ add value?

At PowerBrain.Shop® we develop AI PowerBrains™ to help organisations meet the challenges of the 21st Century. We push through the boundaries of what’s possible, with our unique Artificial Intelligence technology, to simplify, scale and apply affordable AI, to help solve global problems and enhance peoples’ lives.

Implementing an artificially intelligent predictive maintenance solution for a machine or facility in order to avoid expensive disruptions of the production process and costly repairs is still a major challenge.

Especially when – on a personal level, you love freedom, security and independence.
So do our customers applying Artificial Intelligence in their projects.

Using our cutting edge, completely self contained AI Power Brains™ preserves your freedom and autonomy, commercial and technical independence, by completely avoiding the need for internet connectivity during operations or cloud service vendor lock-in.

AI PowerBrains run one hundred percent on-site in your embedded systems and computing platforms – even in areas with ZERO internet access or mobile network coverage!


How can your IoT projects benefit?

Assume your machine or facility is supervised by a network of multiple different local sensors collecting a lot of data. This data is processed in an embedded system or IoT Gateway of your choice on site. The AI Power Brain™, running inside this system, processes all the data of your sensors allowing an artifically intelligent monitoring of the combined multi-dimensional data.

After training, every unusual behaviour in operation is automatically flagged in real time. An alarm will be raised and the situation can be handled before irreparable damage is caused or the machine breaks down.

Integrating Enterprise AI by using an AI PowerBrains™ is super simple and our technology has many advantages!

Minimize cyber security attack vectors – by running AI PowerBrains one hundred percent offline. With all AI training data and models remaining on-site at your premises under your full control. That’s what we call unprecedented AI Cyber Security by design! – completely autonomous and decoupled from all sorts of internet connectivity. PLUS: Your commercial secrets such as process data never leave your premises!

Minimize supply chain dependencies – by avoiding 24/7 need for internet connectivity and cloud service availabilty. AI PowerBrains run one hundred percent on-site in your embedded devices and can be compiled for all hardware platforms and i/o protocols.

Maximize your freedome of integration through various interfaces available in AI PowerBrains
including IP Socket Communications such as TCP or UDP,
Message Queues such as MQTT, AMQP and RabbitMQ,
also REST API and WebServices,
as well as shared memory, stream of file based
or even as classic shared library.

So if you LOVE freedom, security, flexibility and also independence, resilience, technical and commercial control, consider the unique Enterprise AI capabilities offered by PowerBrainShop!

And remember: You can also refurbish existing IoT embedded systems this way – by simply adding AI PowerBrains!

Please try AI PowerBrains yourself on your hardware platform of choice! More features and capabilities are coming soon! Stay tuned! We are grateful for comments and suggestions of additional use case scenarios!