PowerBrain.Shop® Digital Factory

PowerBrain.Shop® in the Digital Factory

Business Problem Statement

Operators of factories are interested in increasing the efficiency while reducing the operations expense (OPEX). Of course, this implies a continuous reduction of staff needed to run the factory and an increase in health and safety as well as quality improvement measures.

PowerBrains Solution:

In industrial automation PowerBrains® can be used at many process steps. PowerBrains® could be deployed, for example, in video surveillance cameras to detect the number of people working in a certain dangerous area. This is very important to know in case of an emergency. They could even detect who exactly it is through AI face recognition. To check the quality of the raw materials delivered to the production site, PowerBrains® could process sensor data such as chemical-analysis data, videos and images, and automatically prevent low quality raw materials from entering the production process.. PowerBrains™ could be deployed in machines allowing them to talk with the operator, which can help reduce the risk of misconfiguration or health and safety related accidents. Additionally, PowerBrains® can monitor the machines own health sensor data and recognize when it is time for performing a maintenance cycle – offering predictive maintenance. Moreover, PowerBrains® could also run in logistics robots on the shop floor or in warehouses helping detect objects and people during their operation between the workers, helping avoid accidents. For quality assurance (QA) at the end of the production process PowerBrains™ can process sensor data and video streams to recognize whether or not the products are within the quality criteria defined.Really, the application of PowerBrains® are limitless.