PowerBrain.Shop® in Medical Diagnosis

Use Case – MRI Tumor Detection


Business Problem Statement:

The incidence of tumors has increased dramatically over the past decades, with 17.5 million tumors diagnosed in 2015 and 8.7 million patients dying. [8]
In order to reduce the cancer mortality rate a very early diagnosis and tumor treatment is essential. Therefore medical professionals have to go through an expensive and time-consuming education and training nowadays, trying to learn all relevant tumor inditcators and apply all details they have learned during the preventive medical examinations of their patients.

PowerBrains shop Solution:

PowerBrains® enable medical suppliers of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to easily develop AI applications wich process hundreds of thousands of body images automatically, appling hundreds of filters and checking for thousands of detailed tumor indicators. For the whole process all patient data and images can stay on site at the hospital‘s data center ensuring highest levels of data privacy.
The AI analysis is based on huge training data sets, significantly improving the accuracy and reliability of the diagnosis – even if the medical expert on site may be tired after a very long hospital day.
Additionally PowerBrains® enable learning from each case through feedback-cycles, helping to constantly improve the quality of the analysis this way.
PowerBrains® can help finding relevant tumor indicators as early as possible and allow people enjoy their healthy life.