Technology – AI IoT PowerBrain™

The revolutionary AI IoT PowerBrain™ is standardized and customer trained AI software and training models which are constantly observing multi-dimensional multi-format sensor data streams. Their innovative self-learning capabilities enable the super flexible monitoring and learning of various mixes of sensor data streams and their patterns in process industries or manufacturing facilities and machines, for example. Of course, PowerBrain.Shop’s AI works with ALL IoT Gateway manufacturers.


Predict and Prevent Disruptions


The AI IoT PowerBrain™ enables predictive maintenance, process performance monitoring and process downtime reduction.

The AI IoT PowerBrain™ allows you to focus on adding value by AI integration rather than dealing with the complexity of AI algorithms and complex AI data structures. Our AI technology also allows equipment manufacturing companies to move toward AI-enhanced equipment / products in a very smooth and cost-effective manner.

AI IoT PowerBrains™ provide industry quality AI implementations ready-to-use and train on specific data sets.


Implemented based on best AI practices AI PowerBrains™ allow software developers to easily re-use and evaluate different AI PowerBrains™ while significantly
○ driving down the AI software development time and cost since based on standardized AI implementations AKA AI PowerBrains™
○ reducing the AI project risk in terms of technology risk since based on proven AI PowerBrains™
○ reducing the AI project risk in terms of AI experts / resources, which are very hard to find today. Based on AI PowerBrains™ only minor configuration and training of the ready-to-use AI PowerBrains™ are needed.


Especially for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications we offer our AI PowerBrains™ in the following deployment models:

○ binary embedded
○ SLIM embedded
○ FAT embedded
○ On-Prem Cloud
○ Cloud


Graphical, user-friendly integration tools available for quick integration and sensor onboarding – free of programming source code and complexity.