Technology – AI VoiceAssistant PowerBrain™

The Leading Artifiicial Intelligence Communication Platorm

The revolutionary AI Voice PowerBrain™ is capable of implementing a telephone voice robot and online ChatBot to automate Customer Communication with Artificial Intelligence.
With emphasis on customer service dialogues the AI VoiceAssistant PowerBrain™ automates the processing of customer queries by 100% via telephone and online chat – and fully integrates with all backend systems.

This way it helps dramatically reducing the OPEX of customer service centers.



Customized and trained voice assistant for energy end-customers in natural language and in writing in professional customer service quality.



  • Pre-Trained Artificial Intelligence for the domain and end-customer requests of energy utilities
  • Artificially intelligent understanding and comprehension of the natural language of end-customers voice in telephone systems and in writing in online Chat systems
  • intelligent classification of customer requests and demands
  • Natural voice and communication flow
  • Template-based and customizable dialogue-modules
  • Flexible and modular extension with additional dialogues, domains and levels of detailling
  • Interfaces for integration in all ICT legacy systems and processes including websites and Smart Phone Browsers
  • Easy adjustment to Corporate Identity (CI) colour schemes etc.
  • EU GDPR compliant


Added Value

  • Super scalable automation and optimization of end-customer services in a systematic process
  • Relief of the customer service team of routine jobs
  • Increase of customer service quality with 24/7 availability
  • Digital recording and monitoring of all customer interactions for analysis, reporting and systematic optimization
  • Optimization of the process landscape by automation and OPEX reduction
  • Market-Positioning as innovative company with artificial intelligence

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