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  3. Disputes arising from the agreement between the user and PowerBrain.Shop® are governed by negotiation between the user and PowerBrain.Shop®. In the event of non-performance of an agreement within fourteen days, any disputes, disagreements or claims arising out of or relating to this agreement, its violation, dissolution or validity, which are not resolved by the user and PowerBrain.Shop®, shall be settled in the arbitration court of Zurich, Switzerland. Hereby, both the user and PowerBrain.Shop® submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Switzerland. In the event of a breach of law in his home country or nationality by using AIPBS or any service provided by PowerBrain.Shop®, the user shall be liable for any damage to PowerBrain.Shop® and agrees to forfeit any assets within his PowerBrain.Shop® and/or AIPBS account, at the discretion of PowerBrain.Shop®, AIPBS or its employees.


  1. The term of this agreement will be effective for the period of successful registration of the account until the time as this agreement terminates for any reason whatsoever. A closure of the account will result in the termination of the agreement.
  2. At any time and for any reason at its sole discretion, PowerBrain.Shop® may terminate this agreement, terminate your access to the website and to your account and suspend all outstanding transactions and/or funds at any time without notice. PowerBrain.Shop® assumes no liability or obligation upon termination of this agreement. In the event of termination of this agreement for any reason, no amount will be refunded by PowerBrain.Shop®.


  1. You acknowledge that you have read this agreement and understood its terms & conditions and consequences.
  2. In case that any term, provision, covenant or restriction of this agreement by a court of competent jurisdiction is declared to be invalid, unlawful, void or unenforceable, the remainder of the terms, provisions, covenants and restrictions set forth in this agreement shall remain in full force and effect and will in no way be affected, impaired or invalidated. In order to find and use alternative opportunities, the contracting parties are requested to use their economically viable means and efforts to achieve the same or substantially the same result as provided for such term, condition, covenant or limitation. It is hereby agreed and stated that the parties will, with the best intentions, implement the remaining terms, conditions, covenants and limitations without the inclusion any of the following, which are hereby declared as invalid, illegal, void or unenforceable.
  3. This is a personal agreement with you, which may not be assigned or delegated to anyone else. Any attempt by you to assign, transfer or delegate this agreement and the rights and/or obligations set forth in this agreement shall be nullified. PowerBrain.Shop® may freely assign this agreement and/or delegate its duties without consent or notice.
  4. This agreement, as well as the whitepaper and any terms and conditions posted on the website from time to time, constitute the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof. Nothing in the agreement shall be deemed a waiver unless such waiver is in written form and signed by the party benefiting from the enforcement of this provision. However, waiving any provision of the agreement shall not be deemed a waiver of any subsequent breach of such provision or waiver of any similar provision. In addition, a waiver of any breach or failure to enforce any term or condition of the agreement shall in no way affect, limit or waive the rights of any party to thereafter enforce strict compliance with all terms and conditions of this agreement.
  5. You agree not to make any negative, damaging or adverse statements regarding PowerBrain.Shop®, AIPBS, any subsidiaries or affiliates, their business operations, products or product histories, or their respective former or current officers, management, agents, distributors or consultants, which may have a negative effect on the reputations of PowerBrain.Shop®, AIPBS, any subsidiaries or affiliates, or respective former or present management, advisors, distributors, agents or consultants of PowerBrain.Shop® or its subsidiaries or affiliates or its business or business aspirations.
  6. This agreement shall not be construed in a manner that would create a joint venture, partnership or any other similar relationship between you and PowerBrain.Shop®.
  7. If you fail to comply with the agreement, act fraudulently or illegally or make unauthorized transmission and use of personal information, PowerBrain.Shop® reserves the right to revoke this agreement at any time.
  8. The English language version applies if translated copies of the agreement, the whitepaper and the terms and conditions published on the website from time to time, may conflict with each other.