Artificial Intelligence improving leading African online education solutions of eShuri

PowerBrain.Shop® AI PowerBrains™ supporting the digitalization of Africa’s education sector with next generation Edge Artificial Intelligence.

Eindhoven, December 7, 2021 /PowerBrainShop/eShuri/ — Learning supported by AI powered student performance assessment

PowerBrain.Shop® is teaming up with eShuri Ltd. of Kigali, Rwanda, to supply next generation Edge Artificial Intelligence into one of Africa’s leading online education solutions. Based in Kigali, Rwanda, eShuri is a rising star in Africa’s educational landscape, shortlisted by UNICEF Innovation Fund 2021 and UNESCO King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa Prize 2020.

“Our ambition is to become the education platform of choice for pupils across Africa, providing them a virtual education platform which helps matchmaking with mentors and teachers.” said Nadia Uwamahoro, CEO of eShuri Ltd. “Therefore we selected the leading independent Artificial Intelligence supplier in the market to add their AI PowerBrain™ technology into our solution. It helps significantly spotting pupils educational strengths and weaknesses and helps guide them through an AI optimized education journey for their maximum educational benefit and success.” “It also helps identifying talented pupils as well as talented teachers, tutors and mentors – so they can find each other more easily and efficiently in our next generation education media environment.”

AI PowerBrain™ technology was invented to lead the development of next generation Edge AI, making it affordable and available everywhere for everyone. “For eShuri our AI PowerBrains™ monitor and intelligently analyze and document the educational performance and progress of students while giving them AI powered guidance through their unique individual learning path towards each terms education goals.” added Dr. Steffen Remmele, CTO of PowerBrain.Shop®.

“Continuously classifying each student’s performance and unique natural talents and positioning them inside the cohort of their peers allows guiding pupils step by step to improved educational performance and towards greater learning success. Knowing their own talents will make a big difference – today as well in their later stage business life. You never know – on the long run our AI PowerBrain™ technology may even be helping the next African astronaut into space!” said Samuel T. Stähle, CEO of PowerBrain.Shop®.

Nadia Uwamahoro, CEO of eShuri Ltd., added: “We are also happy to welcome Samuel in our board, providing executive guidance for our future AI technology and business development – in one of the most exciting sectors in the world!”

“eShuri is a great opportunity for us to help support the education and future outlook of a whole generation.” said Christian Kramer, Chief AI Evangelist of PowerBrain.Shop®.

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