Canceled Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Canceled Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

After carefully reviewing the quality of the prospect investors approaching our business over the last weeks, our management team decided to cancel PowerBrain.Shop’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Instead we fully focus on raising traditional Venture Capital instead, providing various operational and business development advantages at a much more appropriate risk profile.…

#cleanworld challenge launched by Novarum Sky and artificial intelligence provider PowerBrain.Shop®

#cleanworld challenge launched by Novarum Sky and artificial intelligence provider PowerBrain.Shop®

Next-generation Artificial Intelligence software developer PowerBrain.Shop® and Drone solution provider Novarum Sky announced launch of #cleanworld challenge

Eindhoven, June 25, 2019 /PowerBrainShop/, São Paulo, June 25, 2019 /Novarum Sky/

The Drone solution provider Novarum Sky and their artificial intelligence (AI) technology partner PowerBrain.Shop® announced a joint initiative aimed at driving the development and application of environmental protection solutions – leveraging the latest AI and Drone technologies.

Inspired by their passion for the Fridays for Future (#fridaysforfuture) movement and the Trashtag challenge (#trashtag) the Brasilian CEO of Novarum Sky, Mr João Marcelo Correa and German CEO and Chairman of the Board of PowerBrain.Shop®, Mr. Samuel Thomas Staehle, would like to invite the public to assist in developing the next generation of artificially intelligent cleaning technology solutions – to help protect our environment.

Today at the DRONE SHOW, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, we announced the #cleanworld challenge. It is aimed at tackling the pollution of our planet, with emphasis on the detection and removal of trash from our oceans, forests, rivers, parks and deserts. Everyone is invited, and can easily help by recording and submitting video data from their smart phones, cameras, drones and even robots, to show  plastics and other unwanted trash.

This video data will then be collated and automatically analysed by our AI PowerBrains™, helping them to learn and improve the autonomous trash detection with drones and robots. Our objective is to proactively detect and remove trash automatically at any location in our environment. Such videos also enable additional technologies to be developed, for example: Environmental pollution monitoring and possibly even underwater robotic cleaning solutions.

All videos should be tagged with the hashtag #cleanworld and uploaded to public video sharing services.

The #cleanworld challenge also demonstrates to political and public decision makers that there is infrastructure technology available today which can help keep cities, parks, forests, lakes and rivers clean;  even in hard-to-reach locations and powered by pollution free clean energy.

“As environmental protectionists, we want to make our world a better place. We can do this by embracing the latest artificial intelligent technologies and help build environmental cleaning solutions” says Samuel T. Staehle, founder and CEO of PowerBrain.Shop®.

“Novarum Sky’s latest Drone solutions significantly benefit from using the capabilities added by the portable AI PowerBrains™ from PowerBrain.Shop® for in-flight trash detection in real time video data. From our perspective the combination of  these technologies is a major milestone for the automation of environment protection.” says João Marcelo Correa, founder of Novarum Sky.

All #cleanworld challenge related details can be found at PowerBrain.Shop and its YouTube channel.


About POWERBRAINSHOP Holding Corporation

PowerBrain.Shop® is a fast-growing software vendor with a European team and a global footprint, developing the next generation product development and training platform for Artificial Intelligence and powerful AI software ‘brains’ – its AI PowerBrains™. It pushes through the impossible by enabling the next disruptive step of the mass market adoption of AI by advancing easy AI development, training, validation and quality assurance, deployment and monitoring at various use cases scenarios across different industry verticals, businesses and organisations.…

5.0 – 5.0 – 5.0 out of 5.0 EXPERT Rating at for PowerBrain.Shop ICO !

5.0 – 5.0 – 5.0 out of 5.0 EXPERT Rating at for PowerBrain.Shop ICO !

5.0 – 5.0 – 5.0 out of 5.0 (!) This is the EXPERT Rating PowerBrain.Shop® received at – Wow! With our game changing AI PowerBrains™ technology and our disruptive tokenized AI deployment model running on BlockChain and our team of software industry veterans we certainly are a hot target for investors in the future … Great News for Artificial Intelligence!

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Bounty Campaign Announcement [phase 1]

Bounty Campaign Announcement [phase 1]

AIPBS AI PowerBrainShop® Bounty Campaign Announcement

5% of the AIPBS Tokens issued are going to be distributed to community members helping with the marketing campaign for AIPBS’ ICO – the Bounty Campaign. Its phase 1 is running from 1. Mai – 31. July 2019 as outlined below.

Depending on the market over the next months, PowerBrainShop®’s ICO crowdsale is expected to issue/mint between 22,222,000 AIPBS Token (Softcap $3M USD) and 1,481,481,000 AIPBS Token (Hardcap $200M USD) depending on demand and ETH value (assumption above: 1 ETH = $ 135 USD, 1000 AIPBS = 1 ETH).

The Bounty Campaign tokens earned are going to be distributed as soon as the ICO token sale has been finished successfully (after 29. September 2019) when the fulfillment of all conditions has been checked.

You receive tokens if you followed the following conditions:

1. You registered successfully in our KYC/AML process – so you can receive tokens

2. You follow our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, BitCoinTalk

3. You stayed in our telegram group until the end of the ICO

4. You have sent screenshots of your marketing activities via email (to: ico@PowerBrain.Shop) from your KYC/AML email address; we are going to track your activities in the public tracking table (link: )

4.1 when you shared posts of our aforementioned social media accounts or Telegram group or

4.2 when you created your own marketing post for AIPBS in social media or Telegram groups or

4.3 when you liked our posts on the aforementioned social media accounts

5. Pre-Conditions and Terms for Social Media promotion:

We appreciate your help in ICO promotion in public chats, channels, sites and profiles that are connected to ICO, Crypto Currencies, etc.

5.1 Only 3 accounts/profiles per person are allowed

5.2 The account(s) is older than 1. January 2019 and you send at least 3 personal messages per week

5.3 The posting site or chat or channel must have at least 400 followers

5.4 The site/account/profile must be public/open for viewing

5.5 You are a follower of the official AIPBS chat on Telegram ( )

5.6 You send us a screenshot of your promotion

5.7 You send a maximum of 3 messages per Telegram chat or channel from one of your account(s) per day

6. YouTube ICO review

We appreciate your help by creating an ICO review video clip of at least 5 minutes length and publishing it on YouTube having at least 1000 views.

7. Creative project campaign support

If you have creative offers for creating any content (stickers, animations, videos, presentations, booklets, articles, press releases, etc.) do not hesitate to contact: Peter.Hohlwegler@PowerBrain.Shop

Rewarding tokens for your Bounty Campaign support will be distributed amongst all participants according to your relative contribution in each respective segment. The general Bounty Campaign token distribution split:
14% Telegram
14% BitCoinTalk
14% Reddit
14% LinkedIn
14% Twitter
10% VK / В Контакте
10% Facebook
5% YouTube ICO reviews
5% Creative Projects

AIPBS Official Accounts include:

Website:            https://PowerBrain.Shop


YouTube Channel:


Telegram Group:  

Telegram News Channel:

Twitter:  /  @ShopPowerbrain



Please note that this phase 1 of our bounty campaign is running from 1.…

Artificial Intelligence Startup PowerBrain.Shop® Launches Token based Crowdfunding Public ICO

Artificial Intelligence Startup PowerBrain.Shop® Launches Token based Crowdfunding Public ICO

PowerBrain.Shop®’s Next-generation Artificial Intelligence Startup PowerBrain.Shop® announced its new AIPBS token release on Ethereum Blockchain to be traded by investors on the open market

Eindhoven, April 15, 2019 /PowerBrainShop/ — PowerBrain.Shop®, the Artificial Intelligence software Startup company founded by Samuel T. Stähle and Christian Kramer, today announced it has joined forces with distinguished software industry leaders to advance mass market adoption of Artificial Intelligence by developing AI PowerBrains™ and offering the new AIPBS native cryptocurrency token based on Blockchain technology as PowerBrain.Shop®’s crowdfunding and payment option of choice.

Earlier today, the AIPBS smart contract was officially deployed to the Ethereum Blockchain where cryptocurrencies are enjoying a bull market run. It makes PowerBrain.Shop® the very first Artificial Intelligence (AI) Product Development and Training Platform to issue its own cryptocurrency for seed funding. AIPBS is going to be used to pay for artificially intelligent ‘thinking’ of its revolutionary AI PowerBrains™. These are standard-of-the-shelf AI software products specifically designed to meet the needs of AI use case scenarios of solution providers and embedded system manufacturers addressing mass market applications such as Internet of Things (IoT), digitalization and industry 4.0, public safety, medical, robotics and various others. Unparalleled in their flexibility, AI PowerBrains™ will be integrated with Blockchain and Quantum Computing technology while running in a very portable and scalable fashion in embedded systems, as well as industry servers and cloud computing systems.

Numerous embedded system manufacturers, Drone and IoT solution providers from around the world have already agreed on co-operating and adopting AI PowerBrains™ in their solutions, with a growing list of adopters to follow.

For many Crowdfunding participants, the AIPBS token sale via Public ICO will be their first opportunity, to read a software startup company’s Whitepaper or interact with a Token such as AIPBS. However, for all investor types, particularly the ‘Main Street’ investor, participating in the growth of the latest technologies in the Artificial Intelligence market place creates exciting opportunities. “In Silicon Valley we have learned that in order to combat risks in new crowdfunding investments, public ICO investors look for symbols of safety, validity, technical expertise, trust and confidence among both issuers and investors to thrive; something that our senior European team of industry top-talents and veterans with excellent networks into the public and private sector can completely satisfy” says Samuel T. Staehle, founder and CEO of PowerBrain.Shop®.

“PowerBrain.Shop® is building the next revolutionary milestone in mass market adoption of Artificial Intelligence, encapsulated in portable and scalable AI PowerBrains™ for our customers world wide” says Christian Kramer, co-founder and CTO. “The company is now looking to attract investors and run its crowdfunding phase until end of September 2019. By then we will hit the ground running.” As Samuel pointed out, the mass market adoption of AI is going to become the main disruptor of various industries and market places over the next decades – with AIPBS as trading element becoming a core part of this megatrend.

© 2019 POWERBRAINSHOP Holding Corp.

About POWERBRAINSHOP Holding Corporation

PowerBrain.Shop® is a fast-growing software vendor with a European team and a global footprint, developing the next generation product development and training platform for Artificial Intelligence and powerful AI software ‘brains’ – its AI PowerBrains™.…

HMI Hannover Messe International 2019

HMI Hannover Messe International 2019

On Tuesday, 2019-04-01, PowerBrain.Shop®’s executives are going to be at the SIEMENS MindSphere Lounge in Hall 8 of the Hannover Messe International in Hannover, Germany. Here we are going to have meetings with various SIEMENS technology and business unit managers from around the SIEMENS world, including suppliers for all sorts of Digitalization related solutions for customers of the world market. We are also going to meet partners and customers from the robotics and drone related fields – so stay tuned for our next steps.…

Embedded World 2019

Embedded World 2019

At this years Embedded World 2019 in Nürnberg, Germany, PowerBrain.Shop®’s executives enjoyed very successful talks with various technology partners, IoT Gateway Suppliers and IoT Design Houses for the Digitalization related solutions for customers of various industry segments and the global market. Lots of very positive work ahead of us!…