AI PowerBrain™ for Energy Asset Inspection Automation 24/7

Leading Edge AI for Energy Asset Inspection, Protection and Security

The energy industry works with a continuously aging infrastructure an asset base which is facing evolutionary changes of the power grids and high end-customer expectations for reliability, resilience and uninterruptible power supply. At the same time, the continuous integration of further decentralised energy generation plants is expected. Stronger and intelligent power grids require real-time information, real-time inspection and monitoring, and real-time decision making. Ideally at the right time for efficient, effective action before problems can occur or even escalate. AI PowerBrains™ help achieving these goals. We have implemented more than 100 accumulated years of Energy Infrastructure Expertise in one Artificial Intelligence (AI) that helps to save up to 32% OPEX for on-site inspections. Cyber Secure and Internet Independent.


In the Asset Inspection business, Maintenance and Service Supervisors or Asset Inspectors only learn of emerging or even existing Energy Asset problems or defects when service teams visit the respective assets in the substations. Usually this happens every 3-6 months or even less frequently. AI PowerBrains™ for Energy Asset Inspection can digitize and automize these inspections and perform them during 24 hours on 7 days a week running in embedded AI computing systems on site and supported by optical, ultraviolet and thermal cameras. By knowing in real time when issues are spotted by the AI deployed on substation site, the Maintenance and Service Supervisor can alert the crew about the high risk to the asset health. Taking a look at the AI archived asset images and the development trend and speed of the current issue, together they can pinpoint when the failure is likely to occur and decide the best course of action before dispatching a crew and spare parts to prevent asset and power grid failure. Based on real time AI Asset Inspection the supervisor can create work requests, spare parts procurement, provision of technical drawings, procedures and work instructions for the crews as early as possible, optimizing time and resources needed and reducing the technical risk as well as the health and safety risks for the service crews significantly. Real time AI Asset Inspection also enables the SCADA control room operators to run contingency analysis and plan for a possible outage event as early as technically possible to prevent society and assets from harm. When arriving at the substation site, the field service crew can inspect the issue and notify the SCADA operators in the control room so they can take the respective circuit offline for maintenance services. After carrying out the repair, the SCADA operators are informed and perform final online verifications and checks before re-energizing the circuit. Now the asset is in great condition again. AI powered real time information and synchronization of AI PowerBrains™ for Energy Asset Inspection with asset managers, field service crews and control room operators increases the operational efficiency by saving up to 32% OPEX for on-site inspections. At the same time, AI PowerBrains™ significantly increase the resilience of the power grid while reducing technical, health and safety risks. Independent of the Internet and Cyber Secure.



works even without Internet access


Real-time inspection of various systems with different sensors including optical, ultraviolet and thermal

Tiny Footprint

can run on light weight / small mobile and embedded systems with very little computing power, RAM and drive space available.

Adjustable accuracy

Our professional service team can help you optimise the AI algorithms and configuration for your inspections, use cases and on-site conditions in order to achieve maximum accuracy and energy industry quality.


We can also add custom features and additional capabilities as needed for your bespoke AI-empowered project and application.

Cost and Time Efficient

Available as commercial off the shelf (COTS) delivery today.









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Energy Consumption Anomaly Detection with Edge AI (pdf)

Modern Edge AI approach to detection of technical and non-technical energy losses

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